9 Things Motherhood Taught Me




At 17 I became a mom it hasn’t been an easy journey but I’ve learned so much about life & love through this experience as their guardian. So I’ve made a list of a few lessons I choose 9 because that’s my number lol. Here it goes:


  1. Prayer - I constantly pray for direction as a leader, patience, strength (cause Lord knows kids test you), protection, courage for them to always be themselves, joy, & wisdom to pass down.
  2. Patience - When it comes to patience I’ve learned that they’re learning and growing. Everyone has different learning styles reading, listening, demonstration, etc.
  3. Prioritize - There’s days when I want to buy things for myself and they need things so I have to put their needs first. Not only financially prioritize but also time for myself to practice self care & time to spend with them. Now that they’re older they want their own quality time. They like different activities. I’ve turned down jobs or missed work to take care of them because of schedules.
  4. Unconditional Love - When they make you mad & you have to understand no matter what they’re your children. Love isn’t just a word that you say but it’s also an ACTION of how speak to them, support, encourage, discipline,  & pray for them. 
  5. I am a teacher - I have teach & show compassion, how to be a friend, not to give up, set goals, help others (we volunteer together) , & money management (yes because sometimes I pay my broke best friends) or they make money dog sitting or babysitting. 
  6. Uniqueness - different personality, like different food, different activities, love languages
  7. Joy in the little things - they’re thankful for the little things whether it’s making a friend, test scores,  going somewhere, or someone listening to the long stories they tell lol. This week was the first middle school experience riding the bus together & my daughters like make sure you save me a seat on the bus to her brother. 
  8. Being able to see through my kids & parents eyes - understanding raising children isn’t  easy we’re just doing the best we know how with what we’ve been given. So I’ve learned to extend grace.
  9. Budgeting  - It seems like they always have something going on school trips, school dance, school carnival, book fair, picture day, extracurricular activities (football & volleyball). None of which includes housing, food, clothes, cell phones, & utilities.                                                                    



At the end of the day I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world I know this too was apart of God’s plan. Now I get to teach teen moms mindfulness, meditation, & self care practices all the things I wish I knew in my early motherhood journey which helps with maternal depression & anxiety. Thank God for the lessons & blessings. 


What’s something motherhood taught you? Also if you feel blessed to be a mom grab you a “Mom Life Blessed Life” shirt from the shop .

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