Faith In Action Therapy Fund 

Not only do we have to manage this “new normal” during this pandemic while taking care of other household things like still mothering, cooking, cleaning,  & for some still working or relationships. You start to feel overworked, under appreciated, uncertain about the future, & really want just want some much needed “me time”. Get rid of the mom guilt or shame we ALL need time for ourselves and a place to express the ups & downs. ESPECIALLY when you’re a a Purpose Pusher no matter the adversity against you. Therapy has been one of the places in my motherhood journey for self reflection, healing and goal setting. 


Faith In Action Therapy Fund serves as a tool to bring individual talk therapy opportunities to the Black Indigenous Women of Color (BIWOC) community.With 1 in 5 adults in the US experiencing mental illness every year, and racial and ethnic minority groups being less likely to receive mental health care, this makes our initiative more necessary than ever. Beneficiaries of the Faith In Action Therapy Fund receive 8 therapy sessions from therapists within our network at no cost to them. Why 8 sessions? In order to receive adequate time and support, we have given space for recipients to be able to deep dive and set goals with their therapist. This fund is a manifestation of our goal to destigmatize mental health and make healing inclusive, diverse, and accessible. 

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